Enriching Jewish Minds

JTeach Academy is a Private School which offers year-long Jewish studies infused secular studies courses and Jewish studies courses that follow the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines.


Quality Courses

JTeach Academy’s courses are specifically designed to provide the highest quality education combined with the very best of Judaism. All of our courses comply with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum requirements.


Community Partners

Unique to JTeach Academy is our partnership with Jewish community organizations in the development of courses making the content richer and with an authentic connection to the surrounding world.


Hybrid Format

All of JTeach Academy’s courses take place in alternating online and in person classes. Alternately, for learners outside of the GTA/York Region areas, students have the option to learn fully online.


Highly Trained Teachers

JTeach Academy employs the very best teachers available. All of our teachers are OCT certified and receive ongoing quality training to ensure that we provide our students with the best opportunities for success.


Israel Connection

Many of JTeach Academy’s courses include the option of a trip to Israel as part of the course. Students travel to and learn about Israel and continue their course while doing research for their culminating project. And we find time for tons of fun. This trip is in partnership with UJA’s Israel Engagement Department.


Our Courses

designed with the learner in mind

PLEASE NOTE: Any reference in JTeach Academy’s materials to granting OSSD credits are subject to approval of JTeach Academy as a credit granting institution by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Weekly Class Schedule
3:45 pm – 6:15 pmGrade 12 World CulturesGrade 11 English
6:15 pm – 8:45 pmGrade 11 Holocaust StudiesGrade 11 Leadership & Peer Support

JTeach Academy’s hybrid learning format takes into account that students have different needs when it comes to learning.


Frequently Asked Questions