In October, JTeach Academy reports to the students’ home school the course in which they are currently enrolled.

JTeach Academy submits a final grade at the end of June for Grade 12 students and in July for Grade 8-11 students.

For students in Grade 12 applying to OUAC or OCAS, students will submit their application numbers to JTeach Academy, and we will submit to OUAC and OCAS directly at midterm in February, any updates in April, and final grades in June. 


The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is the record of a student’s educational progress through schools in Ontario. 

The Education Act requires that the principal of a school collect information “for inclusion in a record in respect of each pupil enrolled in the school and to establish, maintain, retain, transfer and dispose of the record.” The act also regulates access to an OSR: the OSR is “privileged for the information and use of supervisory officers and the principal and teachers of the school for the improvement of instruction” of the student. Each student and the parent(s) of a student who is not an adult (i.e., a student who is under the age of 18) must be made aware of the purpose and content of, and have access to, all the information in the OSR. 

An OSR will consist of the following components:

  • an OSR folder
  • report cards
  • an Ontario Student Transcript
  • a documentation file
  • an office index card
  • additional information identified as being conducive to the improvement of the instruction of the student.

JTeach Academy does not hold your Ontario Student Records.  The OSR is kept at your Home School.


The OST is the student’s official record of credits earned and other graduation requirements completed. It is part of the Ontario Student Record. Copies of the transcript are available to students and graduates through the student’s home school only. JTeach Academy does not issue an Ontario Student Transcript.

In Grades 9 and 10, only successfully completed courses will be recorded on the student transcript. If a student withdraws from or fails to successfully complete a Grade 9 or 10 courses, no entry will be made on the transcript.

The Ministry of Education has a policy of full disclosure for Grades 11 and 12. This policy states that all Grade 11 and 12 courses attempted by students must be recorded on Ontario Student Transcripts. Courses completed, dropped, or failed will appear on the OST along with marks earned in the program. If a student withdraws from a Grade 11 or 12 course before a specified time, the withdrawal will not be recorded. Full disclosure applies to both semestered and non-semestered schools.